Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies Are The Most Popular Outdoor School Assembly Available Today. Packed Full Of Excitement And Educations Messages.

Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

Transform your school's Red Ribbon Week into a high-energy, memorable event with our action-packed BMX Freestyle stunt riders! Since 1991, our BMX Freestylers have been captivating students in California elementary and middle schools, leaving a lasting impression with engaging educational messages. Treat your students to an unforgettable assembly that checks all the boxes for promoting a drug-free, healthy lifestyle. Our professional riders perform awe-inspiring stunts on X Games-style ramps, captivating your students and making them more receptive to important messages. Our assemblies are not only educational but also grant-friendly, making them a top choice for PTAs and PTOs during Red Ribbon Week.

Red Ribbon Week Assembly Quick Facts:

  •  2 professional BMX Freestylers perform
  •  Space required: 40x60 ft (similar to a basketball court)
  •  Customizable Red Ribbon Week educational message
  •  Includes professional PA sound system
  •  Duration: 40 minutes
  •  Accommodates up to 700 students per assembly
 Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

Features High-Flying Stunts And Impactful Red Ribbon Week Messages.

Booking your Red Ribbon Week School Assembly is as easy as 1-2-3! Choose from our flexible options to accommodate your school's needs and budget.

BMX School Assembly Facts:

Most Popular Asks:

  •  BMX School Assembly Team Will Get To Your location One Hour Prior to assembly
  •   Notifications and Preparations Guides
  •  Exciting Stunts Performed Safely
  •  Educational Messages with Impact
  •  Set Up Time Only (15 to 20) Minutes
  •   Riders are Professional Role Models
  •  100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back!
  •   Riders are Professional Role Models
  •   Scheduling is Super Duper Simple!
  •   Our Management Has 30+ Years Experience
  •  Professional Ramps & Sound Equipment
  •  Years of Experience Speaking to All Demographics
 Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

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During the assembly your students will be certain to be impressed by the skill of the performers.

They also have a special way of grabbing attention for the important messages delivered by the BMX Freestylers Dream Team. The BMX Freestylers Dream Team has many years of experience talking to students of all ages and all demographics. They know how to gauge the mood of the students to make sure the show is a big success.

This assembly includes some real crowd-pleasing and fun participation.

Your students (and teachers) will laugh and learn at the same time. For over 30 years our teams have been a school favorite. We hit hard with messages regarding educating students about living a drug free healthy lifestyle. Our BMX Red Ribbon Week assemblies may also provide your school an opportunity to qualify for many Grants. PTA's and PTO's are winners when they choose our BMX show as a featured assembly for Red Ribbon Week.


With over 30 years experience, we tried to anticipate your every question and have provided a list of frequently asked questions. Please check out our Q & A section below that covers a number of scenarios.
Can I Customize Our Assembly?

Choosing a school assembly program topic from us helps your school customize the scale and the program messaging in a way that works for you. Schools oftentimes select messaging related to Red Ribbon Week. If a particular issue is paramount in you school or district, you may reach out to us after such an issue arises in the school. Beyond Red Ribbon Week, we are capable of sharing any message your school needs to meet the goals of any grants or specific messaging needs you have in mind. You can even tell us about a few birthdays to announce as well.

How do I Schedule Our Assembly?

You can schedule your School Assembly Program(s) using our quick and easy website or call us at (657) 345-4603 to create an account and to select a date and time for the event. Once school has a School Assembly Program Account, things like repeat booking, printing invoices or requesting insurance is easy and takes just seconds.

How Do We Prepare for An Assembly?

Preparing for your school assembly program is easy when you book with BMX Freestylers Dream Team. We will send to you a show preparation guide with step-by-step instructions to make sure your assembly goes smoothly from beginning to end.

How Do We Communicate?

To continue our communications especially as the show nears, we will be sending you a few emails. One is particularly important and called the "Acknowledgment email". It simply provides you a link to click to let us know you are aware of the assembly coming up. We have found this confirmation to be important since some PTA's change leadership or staff changes occur. When you click YES our system alerts us that you ready. If you do not acknowledge this email, we will need to call you right away to prevent your show from falling through the cracks.

It's important for the School Assembly Program's coordinator to notify the person in charge of security to be sure to open any gates so the team may set up on time. Our teams use devices that allow them to share their location so you can monitor their arrival time. Please ask us about this service.

What Happens on the Day of the Assembly?

The BMX Freestylers Dream Team will arrive at your location 1 hour before show time. Setup takes only about 15 to 20 minutes.

What Space Is Needed?

Show Area is typically 40 feet wide x 120 feet in length or similar to a basketball court area. Hard surfaces or playground areas such as pavement, concrete and black top work best for our team performances.

What About Sound?

We have professional equipment and a sound system. It's important to us that The School Assembly Programs look professional in every way, even with our sound. All of our teams are equipped with high quality sound systems with quality microphones and speakers so everyone can hear and enjoy the assembly.

What If We're Not Satisfied?

You have a 100% guarantee. It's important to us that EVERYONE is satisfied with our services before, during, and after you do business with us. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will return 100% of you payment.

What Does A Show Look Like?

As an example, our Red Ribbon Week School Assembly Program is approximately 40 minutes in length including (2) riders performing stunts on BMX bicycles both on ground and on ramps. These fun to watch stunts include 360 spins on bikes, fun (and safe) jumps over teachers, and even difficult backflips. The BMX Freestylers Dream Team will also deliver a speech with impacting messages on Red Ribbon Week.

What Equipment Does the Team Bring?

Each team has a professional sound system equipped with music, microphones, and loudspeakers that can be heard clearly based on the capacity of up to 600 per assembly. Most of our teams have their own portable electricity sources but we suggest you have power within 100 ft of the performance area. We want to make sure your Red Ribbon Week School Assembly Program a hit.

What is the School Assembly Programs Capacity?

Our best crowd size for viewing is up to 600 per assembly unless there are special accommodations for a larger crowd.

What is the Length of the Assembly?

40 minutes


  BMX Freestylers brought a very powerful message to our students in their own cool way! Our Hansen students were super excited to see the stunts especially the ones which involved their teachers. Thank you BMX Freestylers!  

Hansen Elementary school Mountain House, CA

 Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies


La Jolla, CA

  We were thrilled to have Dustin and the team out for a BMX assembly for Red Ribbon Week. The event was awesome! The MC did such a fantastic job keeping our students engaged and excited! I love how the message of safety and grit was woven  

Golden Elementary School Placentia, CA

 Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies


La Jolla, CA

  BMX Freestylers Dream Team Show went great!!! Robin and Zach were so good with the kids and flexible because we had bad winds at the first two shows but they still did such a good job ! Looking Forward to having you back next year.  

Cedarwood Elementary Magalia, CA

 Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies


La Jolla, CA

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Meet The BMX Freestylers Team ...

 Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

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 Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

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 Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

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 Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

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$1,897.00 /2 Assemblies

 Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

School Assemblies

2 /40 Minute BMX Assemblies

$1,997.00 /3 Shows

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 Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

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